Magic City Oil is a full service dealer with a variety of different fuels. The fuels we offer are:

  • Dyed High Sulphur Number 2 for your basic off road diesel needs as well as furnace burner fuel.
  • Premium Diesel for your high performance diesel needs.
  • Dyed Number 1 for winter diesel fuel as well as furnace burner fuel.
  • Clear Number 1 for all your vehicle on-highway winter diesel needs.
  • Clear Number 2 for all your vehicle on-highway diesel needs.
  • No Lead Gasoline for vehicles requiring Gasoline.


We also have the ability to mix Soy Oil into any of our Diesel Fuels at any percentage you request.

Some of the advantages of Biodiesel are:

  1. Biodiesel fuel is a renewable energy source.
  2. Biodiesel fuel is less polluting than petroleum diesel.
  3. Biodiesel can generally be used in existing diesel engines and oil heating systems without modification, and it can be distributed through existing diesel fuel pumps. This is an advantage over other alternative fuels, which can be expensive to use initially due to high cost of equipment modifications or new purchases. Biodiesel provides almost the same energy per gallon as petroleum diesel.
  4. The lubricating effects of the biodiesel may extend the lifetime of engines.

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